How to Read for Others, part 3: Rituals to Start With

September 6, 2019

Hello and welcome to part 3 of How to Read Tarot for Others! Today we’ll discuss the best rituals for starting a tarot reading you are performing for friends, family, or clients.


  1. Mindset (see here)
  2. Preparation and managing expectations (see here)
  3. Best rituals to start with (you are here)
  4. How to keep your personal energy out of the reading (see here)
  5. What makes a good reading
  6. Reading the cards—cheat sheets!
  7. Figuring out your personal style

First off, what’s the good in doing rituals? Do they just get in the way? Wouldn’t it be quicker just to shuffle the cards and go?

Well, yes in some cases. There are many great tarot readers who do just that. Rituals are optional, but they can help with a few things. Maybe rituals are exactly what you need to add to your tarot readings. See if any of the below resonates.

  • Rituals can help get you in “the mood.” If you’ve ever been spaced-out, unable to focus, or received conflicting messages, you’ll be glad to know a ritual can ground and center you.
  • Rituals can protect you. Feeling tired after readings? Rituals can help shield you from the energy your querent brings. Whether positive or negative, you don’t want your energy to be blown around like a leaf in the wind.
  • Rituals set the stage. On top of your querent taking the tarot reading more seriously, rituals create a sacred space out of everyday environments.

Rituals help calm the mind and focus intentions. So how do you do them?

Pre-reading rituals usually focus on clearing, cleaning, or purifying 3 main elements of the reading—your mind, your space, and your cards.

Clearing your mind.

A whole meditation session is not necessary, but you should connect with your light within, spirit, soul, subconscious, inner being, or whatever you call your source.

A minimalist mind-clearing ritual.

Here is a mind-clearing ritual that requires nothing more than your own focus.

First, sit down with your eyes closed. Breathe in through your nose for 4 seconds, hold it for 4 seconds, then let it out slowly through your mouth for 7 seconds. While you’re doing this (and this is the important part) picture a white light filling your body. Keep doing the breathing exercise until you can get the white light to expand and stay a good amount past your body. Try to fill the whole room. You may only need to breathe in and out 3–4 times.

More options for clearing your mind.

Here are some accessories you can use to magnify your mind-clearing experience. To be clear, these are not required but they’re fun.

  • Hold purple or clear crystals. These will help with psychic powers and clarifying your energy, respectably.
  • Use essential oils. Smell can be as powerful as visualization as a clearer.

Cleaning your space.

Clean your space by first tidying up and getting rid of clutter.

A minimalist space-cleaning ritual.

With the white light radiating from you, wave your hands over the table or surface you are using to conduct the reading.

More options for clearing your space.

  • Burn palo santo. Smudging is a great way to expel any negative energy. (By the way I don’t recommend white sage because it is problematic.) Fan it over yourself and your surface.
  • Leave out black or clear crystals. Black crystals absorb or repel negative energy from a space. Clear crystals clarify. Be sure to lay them out intentionally, such as right in front of you to protect yourself.
  • Leave out candles or flowers to attract light spirits.

Purifying your cards

Your cards are doing some of the heavy lifting here, if not most, so make sure to treat them well!

A minimalist card-purifying ritual.

Remove your cards from the container and place them face down in front of you. Hold your hands over the deck and imagine a white light cutting down through the cards and clearing them of any absorbed energy.

More options for purifying your cards.

  • Music or a bell. Sound is pretty powerful. Try relaxing music, static, or chiming a bell over your cards to clear them.
  • Burn palo santo. You can also fan palo santo over your cards to clear them.
  • Leave them out in the moonlight. This will completely clean your cards.
  • Always keep a clear quartz crystal near your cards. This is something you can do all the time. Any time I get a new deck, I make sure it has a buddy (clear quartz crystal) to travel with it in its box or bag.

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