How to Read for Others, part 4: personal energy

September 7, 2019

Hey there! Welcome to part 4 of How to Read Tarot for Others, which deals with keeping your personal energy out of a reading and how to close out a tarot reading performed for friends, families, or clients.


  1. Mindset (see here)
  2. Preparation and managing expectations (see here)
  3. Best rituals to start with (see here)
  4. How to keep your personal energy out of the reading (you are here)
  5. What makes a good reading
  6. Reading the cards—cheat sheets!
  7. Figuring out your personal style

You probably want, as much as your querent does, for the reading to be 100% about them and their question—you probably don’t want your opinions, judgements, or even facts you know about the situation to get in the way of their reading. But, even to the best of us, letting our personal energy affect a reading can happen. How can we prevent this?

As always, these tips are just tools you can pick out and leave as you please! If it doesn’t resonate, it’s not for you. Also remember you can adapt any of these techniques, change them however, add your own flavor, etc.

Prepare to create space

Rituals done before your reading can focus your intention and ground you. You can read more about these here. I mention them because even though they’re done before the reading, the positive effects will last through the end of your reading and beyond.

Tune into your querent

Focus on serving your qurent. If you can, look into their eyes and try to understand where they are coming from. In your mind’s eye, put all your issues in a box and close the box.

Set an intention

This can be as simple as repeating the querent’s question 3 or 4 times. You can also use a notebook to write the intention down so you don’t forget it during the reading. It can happen, when spirits or your querent have multiple agendas. (Not that agendas are bad! They’re just a part of working with whole conscious beings with free will.)

If unclear, ask who the message is for

Sometimes the cards may try to show a message to you even though it’s someone else’s reading. If this happens, you can just ask yourself, your spirit, or your higher power who the message is for. If it’s for you, put it aside and move along.

Honor the querent’s emotions

Understand your client’s emotional state the best you can. It may help to assign an archetype to them. If, for example, they are upset over “spilt milk” you can picture them radiating the Five of Cups energy. You can even take that card out of the deck and place it at the top or center of your reading to act as the significator. (Meaning, a representation of the querent.)

Emotions are not rational. Even though you may have all the facts about a situation, especially if you are close to the querent, it may not be what’s affecting their mood or behaviors. Respect that. Center every insight back to them—what does it mean to them emotionally, to be specific.

Close it out

Finally, close out your reading by thanking your client for letting you read for them, your higher power for the gifts you have received, and your cards for working so hard. Drink some water or take a bath/shower to cleanse any emotional residue out. It might also help to write down your insights. That way you can physically put them away instead of carrying them with you.

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