How to Read Tarot for Other People: Part 1

September 3, 2019

Welcome to the 7-part series on how to read tarot for friends and family! Throughout this week we’ll discuss preparation, rituals, tips, and more to master reading tarot for others.

Here’s the schedule:

  1. Mindset (you are here)
  2. Preparation and managing expectations (here)
  3. Best rituals to start with (see here)
  4. How to keep your personal energy out of the reading (see here)
  5. What makes a good reading (coming soon)
  6. Reading the cards (cheat sheets!) (coming soon)
  7. Figuring out your personal style (coming soon)

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For this first part of the series, I want to explore what mindset we should have when reading for others. Is there a proper way to read tarot for another? What does the querent (person asking the question) expect of you? Should you charge money?

Here are 5 ideas in no particular order that you can consider before you read for someone else.

You are gold.

Reading cards for friends, family members, or others is usually 100x more of a help than anything for them, regardless of how you judge your own reading skills.

For this reason it’s important to value your own time, both the time you spent studying the cards and the time you will read for them.

More than that, you should be prepared to set boundaries. As any reader will tell you, a reading is energetically exhausting.

Some boundaries can be:

  • A time limit.
  • Not allowing questions you don’t feel comfortable answering, such as health questions.
  • Allowing space between your opinion and the cards’ message for the querent. We’ll discuss this in-depth on day 4.

Rituals are a necessity.

In order for your querent to feel truly connected and focused in on your reading, you’re gonna need some kind of ritual. Rituals help set the energy and ground both of you. We’ll go over rituals to start and end a reading with on day 3, but this can be as simple as setting the cards between you two while they explain what’s on their mind.

Invest the right amount of energy.

Some people are used to getting tarot readings and know how it goes. Other times you’ll get people who are brand new. And some of those people may be simply “testing the waters”—as in, they’re not taking it too seriously and even feel skeptical.

Don’t give every person the same reading. Depending on the question and querent, you can decide between single card, a few cards, the Celtic Cross, the Chronos spread, etc. Choose deliberately!

Be prepared to communicate. A lot.

The best thing you can do is be overly communicative to the person you’re reading for, even if you’re not 100% confident. If you feel like you need to process something, say that. If you’re getting mixed messages, let them know. If you need to ask them a question back, go ahead! A tarot reading is a two-way conversation.

If you want to make money…

If you want to make money reading tarot, there’s only one rule: be worth it. That may mean a well-practiced ritual, a specialty you have (such as specializing in LGBTQ romantic readings), a sacred space, or an empathetic voice. When you’re first starting out, you can try all kinds of things to find your personal style. We’ll discuss finding your personal style on day 7.

What’s your thoughts on this subject? If you read for friends and family, what’s helped you get in the right mode? Be sure to comment and let me know. I’ll feature you answer in the next newsletter.

…And there’s gonna be new merch available on day 7. So stay tuned!

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